Tension Testing Department can also be known as one of the quality control. In this stage, we will select buttons for an application, and to predict how buttons will react under different type of forces. It will be asked for testing the buckle spring force of the buttons and the effectiveness of clothing destructive that the buttons may bring when dis-assembly from the clothes.

The goal of GETECH ENTERPRISE intends to deliver high quality of goods to the clients and to minimize risk and protect the interest of the consumers. Therefore, the performance testing and flammability test shall be applied in order to provide the lists and descriptions of dimensional stability to washing and dry cleaning as well as to see if the materials we use may result in pilling resistance. In addition, the garment used in apparel should follow the flammability regulations in terms of consumers’ safety.

GETECH ENTERPRISE has followed all the terms, requirements and regulations in order to increase consumer demand and our impressions in the market.