GETECH ENTERPRISE was being found as early as in prehistoric eras and has endured as the most common fabric fastener in these present days in spite of millennia of change in fashion and manufacturing techniques. Though buttons were being used for over thousand years, the buttonhole was not being invented until the mid of 13th century. It is known to have been brought to Europe by knights returning from Crusades, and its advent led to a surge in button use.

In the Renaissance, buttons had become a staple of men's fashion due to the fact that jackets were being featured as rows of buttons from chin to waist, sleeves were tightly buttoned from elbow to wrist as well as trousers were being too-sported buttons at the waist, knee, and thigh.

Existence of guilds of button makers starting in the 13th century in Paris where buttons were made out by variety of materials including wood, bone, brass, pewter, gold, and silver.